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How to become an Instructor

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ftsacademyDo you want to be a trainer or help manage the FTS Academy courses?

You'll receive cutting edge training that will enhance your skills and increase your marketability . Please call or complete the form for more details. We will review the information and get back to you to further discuss your particular role and experience. 

instructorAs an Instructor, you will have a couple of responsibilities. Primarily in the course management area, to monitor activity. answer a few questions and provide feedback when needed.

Within the Forums and Groups of the particular courses you manage, you will also assume the admin/monitor role there as well. 

istructor_coursesOnce assigned to the course, you will be able to view it from your Profile page, under the Admin section. From there you will manage most of the key areas of the course and its functionality. You will be able to see the students participating as well as those who completed the course.

Help us build a bigger and better Academy as well as growing our community of professionals.