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Prevention of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence


6 CEU Courses: Training Professionals in the Primary prevention of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence. The Course will help plan, deliver, and evaluate trainings whether you initiate the trainings yourself or are asked by others to provide trainings.

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Sexual violence and intimate partner violence are complex, multifaceted issues that affect all sectors of our communities. Preventing sexual violence and/or intimate partner violence requires a comprehensive approach involving many individuals, organizations, and sectors. We know from our experience with other public health issues that primary prevention strategies that take place before violence occurs can work (CDC, 2004).

An effective, comprehensive program to prevent sexual violence and/or intimate partner violence takes a multitude of approaches, one of which is training professionals to engage in sexual violence prevention and/or intimate partner prevention. This Guide describes how to develop, implement, and evaluate a training process, taking into account your available level of resources. Additionally, this training process emphasizes turning awareness and knowledge into mastered skills and practices to prevent sexual violence and/or intimate partner violence by:
Teaching based on organizational context.


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